Nurburgring Calendar 2016

It twists, it turns, it dips and it soars. It is at once treacherous, beautiful and demanding. And with 73 corners over 12.9 miles, it is the roller-coaster of roads.

Welcome to the Nürburgring, the most challenging purpose-built race circuit in the world.

Ever since its inaugural race on June 18, 1927, this 12.9 mile track, known as the Nordschleife, has been motorsport’s Mecca.

And it’s all thanks to one man: Dr Otto Creutz.

Creutz had already helped host road races in the Nürburg area, but wanted to build a circuit no-one had ever imagined; one that would bridge streams, weave within existing roads and test cars more ferociously than any other track on earth....

I had the pleasure of working with Rachael Clegg in Germany this year... taking all the images for the Calendar.

I must have driven around the circuit well over 50 times at dawn and dusk, this was when we when we had the track to ourselves. When testing production sports cars, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche reckon each lap is equivalent to 125 miles on the road...and you can buy it here!

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