SES supported an exhibition at the Sayle Gallery in Douglas throughout the TT Races period. Entitled 'Space Mountain' it's the latest creation of artist Rachael Clegg and photographed by Maxoperandi.

Space Mountain explores the parallel developments of satellites and the TT through a series of quirky, slick and thought-provoking prints.

Each image is accompanied by text explaining its historical significance and the images reference assassinations, smuggled secrets and dastardly crimes. Starting with the first telegraph in 1837, Space Mountain takes the viewer on a tour of the development of telecommunications via Morse code, Nazi Germany, Soviet spies interspersed with references to TT triumphs.

Rachael Clegg said:

“The stories behind the development of satellites are brilliant and the parallels between TT and satellite history are striking. The first satellite was Sputnik, launched in 1957, which was also the year in which Bob McIntyre broke the 100 mile-an-hour lap record. Both satellites and the TT were developing at a similar pace and - as the exhibition will reveal - with equal drama.”

SES Satellite Leasing Ltd’s MD, Mark Guthrie said:

“SES is really excited to once again be involved with the SES TT Zero at a time when the race is set to deliver some remarkable results. We are also pleased to extend our activity by supporting an exhibition like this. As sponsors of TT Zero we wanted to commission something striking that also drew parallels between the development of satellites, telecommunications and the TT.”

Space Mountain is on display at the Sayle Gallery, Douglas..

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